Some women are lost in the fire. Some women are built from it [Michelle K.].

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Hello-a, I am Moliná. The girl next door. Some called me ‘witty’, and I am flattered. I love that in others too. It is like being smart, but more as kick-ass smart. I am no softie. In life, I will stand hard for what I think is right and fair. I am not a girly girl. I love Glitch Mob, and if you know them, that should say something about me. And another side of me is Odesza.

Creativity drives my mind. You can find boredom almost anywhere, but not where creativity exists. I love to experiment, create, learn and pass on my knowledge. Ambitiousness, perfectionism, curiosity and willing to grow - are my business cards.

PHOTOGRAPHY. I am not a pro, but still, I am a fan of photography. I adore nature, travelling, and architecture. I will always seek for a little secret. My eye for detail will find a spark, an interesting and eye-catching aspect – something that will drive me to take that shot and be proud of keeping it. And, it will be different than normal. I love bokeh and mistiness, depth and live colours.

FILMMAKING. I love movies. Moreover, I love movies with a catch (Guy Ritchie is good at it). My brain enjoys paying attention and capturing how the movies are made to impress the watcher. Automatically, I would use similar techniques when creating my videos or advertisements, which is good for marketing (hint, hint), and I do create awesome ideas. My aim is always to impress. I also love music. It can make wonders to any story. Feel to stop by Flight.by.Knight.

SPORTS. This is simple. I train hard and eat clean. No pain, no gain.

BEAUTY. As any woman caring for her looks, I care about mine too. In fact, I took caring too far and produce own good, real and raw stuff for myself and for the ones who ask. The best of my work is a scrub. Absolutely natural ingredients, gorgeous smell and smooth consistency that will provide amazing results for or with any type of skin. I listen to what the client is concerned about and what desires and I put what is needed into the jar. Boom, simple. So far, I have been lucky with the feedback ReBorN.

TECH. Technology development brought a huge change into this world recently. It also changed our mindset, life, and education. Have you ever paid attention to how different grandparents think compared to a young millennial? The evolution is right here. As I have had experience working for a tech company, I realised how cool this field is. First, I fell in love with people. Are they a different breed? They are certainly different from bankers and lawyers, so much down to earth and sharing, in my opinion. Secondly, it is awesome to learn from them, be it coding or a new tech toy. And thirdly, I still hope that humanity will be able to save our planet thankfully to smart technologies and caring people.

I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious [Albert Einstein].



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It is better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring [Marilyn Monroe].

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This girl. A runner. Dreaming to run faster every day - and even night. Forgot to take her shoes off, 'cause those ONs are so damn light, its easy to forget you have them on? NO. She wants to keep them ON also in her dreams! To run faster. To run on the clouds...


It is not how good you are, it's how good you want to be.

Snowfall in NY. 2017
Border between Germany and Switzerland
Hogwarts is real!
Zurich town
Sunset in Ibiza
Roses from the beloved one
I was riding a bike in LA and then Boom! I captured this...
Cornflower in its majesty
Switzerland to Italy
Strolling in Ibiza
Verzasca Valley, Ticino


It is better to fail at originality than to succeed in imitation [Herman Melville] .




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